What are best friends for?

Human beings are social animals. Interacting with other creatures on a daily basis. We like to surround ourselves around people who we like and who like us. We share our moments of happiness, sorrows, celebrations, mourning with the people closest to us.

Best friends are people who we trust next our mom, I guess. They are the people who sticks by us through the body odour, profanity, endless philosophical talks and still want to be our special pals.

I have been given to understand that there is a stipulated soulmate for everyone in this world and I believe that friendships last longer than relationship. They have seen us at our worst and still know how wonderful we are.

A life without a best friend, is a thriller novel without any twist and turns, Bollywood movies without any masala or a pizza without cheese. For me, friendship is like the sun.

Being an young adult, I can’t imagine how life will turn out to be if I didn’t have a person who comforts me when I am down, shares a few smiles, gives me these amazing advices on life(most of my answers in Quora are inspired by the conversations I have with her) and also for being that constant support to make me better person than I am.


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