Nature vs. Culture

“Nature vs. Culture”, this is a debate older than our debate of existence of a supreme Almighty. It is believed that the edifice of anthropology is this nature-culture divide. The argument is framed by the question of whether the two entities function separately from one another, or if they have a continuous biotic relationship with each other.

Several modern authors, such as Rousseau saw the process of education as a struggle against the most eradicated tendencies of human nature. In very simple words, nature is everything which has been imbibed into us from the very beginning, and culture is man’s fight against it; against all the animalistic behaviour, the egoistical attitude and all the violence to achieve what you desire has been a part of our “Homo Sapiens” genes. Education is the antidote to all our wildest dispositions, to elevate above all the other species and beyond. Many experts also feel that these two can’t co-exist and say that nature can’t be a consequence of human intrusion and the advancement of culture is developed against nature

It has also been said that one’s ‘culture’ is the biological adaption in ‘nature’. For example, the invention of weapons, discovery of fire by the early men which was achieved to exist a better and easier life. The view in the last decade has been that culture is in the human nature. Snails bring their shells, we bring our culture.


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