That Eccentric Quizzer

For me, quizzers are the most misunderstood people on earth. For some people, the things we do for some rush is inexplicably stupid, the things we know extremely irrelevant; we are just a bunch of brainless wannabes who memorize silly trivia and vomit it out in an equally silly battle for glory. But we do what we do because what we like, we like to know what is written on Heisenberg’s tombstone (The Real One with the Uncertainty Principle, not the Bryan Cranston one with a badass hat, even though I love him), it is very important to me that I know that in the Premier League Cristiano Ronaldo scored 84 goals in the 196 matches for Manchester United, it is also important to know that Amish Tripathi (writer of the Shiva Trilogy) and Biswapati Sarkar (writer of my favourite Indian show, TVF Pitchers) were born in the place where I was born, a Steel City in the North Western corner of Odisha, Ama Rourkela (Our Rourkela).


An amateur quizzer of sorts, I have participated in many quizzes and hardly won any but from my experience quizzers are just normal people (Not a big shock, right?), we just like finding trivia about stuff we like and quizzers usually like many stuff and we usually remember the stuff we like, don’t we? Like how the porcelain dog that Joey Tribbiani possessed in F.R.I.E.N.D.S was actually owned by Jennifer Aniston in real life, the fact that Lionel Messi and great revolutionary Che Guevara share the same birthplace, Rosario in Argentina, the only Disney character with a middle name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck, how the Winklevoss twins founded a company named Gemini (Latin for “twins”), or the fact that Arnab He-knows-what-the nations-wants-to-know Goswami has written a book on combating terrorism, or how a French Mechanical Engineer Louis Reard named the clothing item of “Bikini” after “Bikini Atoll” where USA tested its first peacetime nuclear test (Well on the behalf of all the Mechanical Engineers in the world, I accept the gratitude of countless straight men all over the world). You must be wondering if I am showing off my recently googled knowledge but does it matter? Quizzers have a knack of showing off their newly found knowledge, FYI.

Quora is this amazing website which bridges the information/ knowledge gap between individuals, there I found this amazingly weird question which makes me question my existence,


So not only is the extremely bogus, but let me point out that as a quizzer we will not forget your birthday, our first date anniversary, the day we first kissed, we may also remember the birthday of your family members and remind you to wish them in time. We have a penchant for catching hints, so we will know when you are upset and we remember which chocolate you like and which episode of How I Met Your Mother you watch when you just had a fight with your roommate/ best friend. We are nice human beings, generally who listen and shut up when you want us to. So that you don’t think of us as perfect human beings who make you feel glad that we exist, we will bore with silly details about things we like and may even lecture you on Dr. John Pemberton when the choice comes between Coca Cola and Pepsi.


Yes, we are the same people you argue with on several websites,

Yes, we are the ones, who quote unknown authors on a daily basis,

Yes, we are the ones who idolize the Ganesha equivalent, Giri Pickbrain for his amazing questions,

Yes, we are the ones with the cluttered dreams and passions.

We are The Divergent in this world of Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite, and no, one ring can’t bind us in the darkness.

Disclaimer: I am only an amateur quizzer and this whole community can’t be generalized completely, treat quizzers with respect or else, they might end up quoting Joker with a manic Shah Rukh Khan smile.


3 thoughts on “That Eccentric Quizzer

  1. WHOA. Finding a fellow quizzer on WordPress is a bit like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. Very pleased to meet you. 😀 And well said, it’s high time people realised quizzers aren’t nerds who mug up facts all day and night. Good work.

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