My Year 2015 in Review!

Facebook has recently come up with this notion of putting your whole year into pictures! It’s great, but not for me. My pictures are not touched by the awesome creations of Adobe or anything and my pictures need a little bit of context as they don’t automatically speak out a thousand words. So you are about to embark upon a crazy journey with constant highs!  (Caution: Seatbelt extremely optional and not recommended). To sound like an extremely creative writer, I have tried to separate this year into 3 parts with 4 months each! So let’s go, go go!

The Upper Rising Curve (The First Quarter).

My New Year was what every person in the world secretly craved but had given into the societal norms of partying until every muscle in their body yelled “Ow Ow Ow”. I was pretty cozy in my bed at 12:00 AM on my bed with my bedtime pal (name withheld as I don’t want to be teased for an indefinite amount of time) and with Maggi in a bowl and with SUITS on my laptop.

Then, there was Sankalp! Two days of awesomness, unadulterated! The Quiz was pretty legendary, the DJ wasn’t. (No comments on how lazy I am to wiggle my behind in public, please. :P)

Then, there was my birthday, the one day where everyone special in my life made me feel how special (read: craazzzaaayyy) I am. In the pictures (Clockwise from left: Facebook birthday wishes from special friends, surviving the birthday bombs and my gift from friends)

The rest of the first quarter was pretty bland, exams and internals and studies. So, a good start overall, you presume?

King of Good times (The Second Quarter)

I was insanely happy during this period. The reason being:

(In clockwise from left: Xavi and Iniesta with the UCL, Messi’s wonder goal against Bilbao in Copa Del Rey final, FC Barcelona with the Liga Trophy and Messi showing Neuer who the “boss” is.)

The summers were enjoyed and etched into the memory better than Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69”. I did work for my dad and earned my first money (It may not count as a significant achievement for many but, I am different).


(Yes, I wrote my name on top of it, the envelope came with the money).

Then, there was this much anticipated night of Reunion, shared a few anecdotes, had some laughs and relived those innocent, cheerful and magical moments once again. Overcame the bouts of nostalgia a day after.

Some awesome evenings of soccer experienced. The eventual cherry on the top of the proverbial cake was the trip to Visakhaptnam. The trip that sucked so bad at times, it made me believe Salman Khan is innocent (Too controversial?!! I get light headed just thinking about the trip.) But, it was the trip of a lifetime, we had fun facing the obvious challenges and continuous disappointments and, created memories that will echo in the mind until the next season of Game of Thrones is out.

A very fruitful second quarter, right? The one that is guaranteed to make Mogambo happy.

The One where Chandler is unhappy (The Final Quarter)

My closest friends know that I tend to associate myself with Chandler Muriel Bing because my name couldn’t have gone any weirder. My weird sense of humour and my chemistry with women are a living testament towards the belief, too.

So I had suddenly turned crap in FIFA and Counter Strike, 3rd Year in college was more confusing than the plot of Interstellar and my personal life was in shambles. What came along next was just “clarified butter” in the “hell” in which I was “burning”. What helped me turn this around were some legen-wait for it- dary friends, some pretty awesome novels, some hardcore gaming, some binge watched shows and this blog.

(Clockwise from left: Heisenberg ruling the charts in Dust2, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, House of Cards Season 3, Mr. Robot Season 1, The blog, Chandler being Chandler, Alex being Nerdy)

But then things actually took a turn for the better, I cleared my mind up and got into what I always wanted to do, WRITE! Wrote many answers in Quora, started blogging regularly, read a lot of good stuff and finally the voluptuous mozarella on the proverbial pizza was the inductance into College Chronicles. Got some good comments from important people around. So it was awesome of a different level altogether.

(Clockwise from left: My article in, Surge in viewership from 2014to 2015, Most viewed writer in Quora, Mail From Dr. Pattnaik of IIT-Kanpur saying that he liked my blog, Mail from College Chronicles accepting me into their team)

So as Shakespeare said, all’s well that end’s well. The year seems to end for me on a good note. This is what analysts would say a 7-7.5/10, maybe? More than a week left till the end of this very awesome year, so let’s see if there’s a huge twist in the end when I least expect it.

In 2015, I have had many firsts, my first snail mail to a friend, my first Valentines day celebration, a week without brushing my teeth (purely for experimental reasons), first separation, a few recipes tried out, friendships strengthened and a few good friends made, some even hoping to last a lifetime, some horrendous mistakes made, secrets shared, memories made but primarily, I hope to have grown a little wiser and mature.. With this recently acquired wisdom, I live to die some other day.

P.S.- Thank you for your patience and I know I am not a celebrity. 😉


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