Blogging 101: Why am I Blogging?

Hello to the Good people of Internet,

I am Ankush, from India. A 20 year old college kid, who is stuck doing something else, when he should be doing something that he wants. Blogging is a great way to express what you feel, but sometimes a personal diary posted publicly can cause troubles, so I write on topics I feel like and with the daily course load that I  have, it becomes difficult to be creative and innovate. I have written my posts on general thoughts, several friends of mine have told me that I am funnier in writing, so  I pour my potion of humor into the posts and sometimes, a dash of philosophy.

Journals were the way to reconnect with your soul in the past days, now the trends have shifted towards blogging and as a youth, I tend to follow trends. As a young blogger, I will be writing about anything that interests me, food, music, tv, movies, weird guy on the train, cute kid playing in the rains, anything that catches my fancy. I hope to connect with all the young readers and writers around the world. Success is a relative term and for me, a success in blogging sense is when I have a more than a few good articles or posts, very valuable comments and some people who find solace in my writing.

So I am here, to learn the intricacies and nuances of blogging. I hope to have few more views and comments on my posts, and I  feel that this will come pouring in once I am regular with my posts.



17 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Why am I Blogging?

      1. and now you make me feel like a 50-year old cranky Math teacher 😀 “What, can’t you get this much even! read the question again. what is given? what is asked? what formula will you apply? ”
        (no offense to Math teacher or cranky women 😛 )

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      2. I have always been in trouble with Mathematics, be it school or college.. Maybe a 50-year old wordly, intelligent, wisdomous, not-too-cranky Mathematics teacher is what I need.. 😛 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Me too waas very bad at Mathematics and Physics and all ‘..ics’ 😀
        When you find such a speciment, let me know. Untill then, I shall continue to bunk class and read my Sidney Sheldon under the last bench in the chem lab 😛 😀

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      4. I still read Sidney Sheldon in my classes, while placing myself at a very safe angle from the lecturer ensuring I don’t get caught. 😛 There’s is a different kind of pleasure to it, altogether. 🙂

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