Blogging 101:Why such a title and a cliched dialogue for a tagline?

Hey again,

So I am back, this time with a better sense of humor, I guess. So today’s assignment was about giving your blog the identity which you want to portray, and thus giving a title according to our liking and also, the tag-line.

The title and tagline sets the tones for your blog and gives your blog the theme, sets the background; tells your readers what to expect. The title should be a smart wordplay and the tagline should be the summation of everything you want your blog to be and more. Sounds easy? Maybe for you, it took me around 3 hours of soul searching and empty brain scanning to come up, with what I have.

So what in God’s name is AnkushKaAdda?

Adda in my mother tongue, i.e. Bangla or Bengali is defined as “a form of intellectual exchange among members, who were originally of the same socio-economic strata, but the process has democratized in modern times. It is most popular among the youths belonging to the so-called ‘middle-class intelligentsia’.”

So Ankush Ka Adda is a place for pseudo-intellectual thoughts and ponderings, a place to have a spirited discussion over raging topics ranging from the Great Mutiny of 1857 to the latest Li-Fi technology. But of late, it has been of late where I try and make people chuckle with a funny anecdote or two. I have been trying to ape one of my favourite characters in the history of  Television, Chandler Muriel Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I am not as sarcastic as he was, but I try and be funny and I know that my jokes could not be funnier; my accent and body is funny enough. 😛

If we are really trying to be true to ourselves, I would want my blog to be something to which people can relate, like, “hey, is he in my mind?” or “that’s so her”, or maybe as Bradley Cooper would say in Burnt, if it were for writers and bloggers, “Let’s give them some orgasms for the mind”, because  writing for me, is food for the soul and well, I like fun food, someone which lingers on your taste buds for a while. The aftertaste so exquisite and heady, it makes you crave for one more bite. 🙂 ( I love food <3)


Why “Get busy living, or get busy dying?”
This is probably one of the most iconic dialogues of the 90’s and after. This epic line from the movie “Shawshank Redemption” is basically a message to myself, that if you are not actively making the most out of your life, you are proverbially dying. A fact that not many would relate to but I am probably, the laziest person on this side of the universe (Take that, Martians and Aliens), so a constant reminder to live my life, while I can, which is one of the reasons I started the blog. 🙂

Hopefully this answers everything that was asked of me.

Drop in with comments, if you want. 🙂