Remembering Childhood: Not those poop covered diaper ones!


“YOLO!” or ‘You Only Live Once’, or as the educated intellectuals would say “Carpe Diem” is the ‘motto’ of Gen-Y. We only get to live our life once, and hence try and make the best use of it, so that you don’t have deep remorse in the future, and as life is a gift from the divine Almighty, we have to give it the proper respect and live out the life, as it is supposed to be. I am sure there has to be a time in your life which you would like to return back to. The time when everything was perfect, the time which went away too quickly, the time at which we think we were the best version of ourselves (Crazy Us!).

I am a conformer, I don’t want to disappoint you, but  I am not one of those few exceptions who absolutely love where they are in their life. I would like to be the small boy I was, the cute, cuddly, careless, crikey-looking (Ran out of words to describe me starting with ‘C’) kid who used to suck his left thumb and clutched his trousers with his right hand whenever he ran. The kid whose hair you tussle, the kid who you would want to pick up, but could not (He is cutely fat. :P), the kid who  the kid who loved “Donald Duck” and played “Mario” on his video game all day or be lazed up with a book with a snack on his tummy. 😛 (I paint quite the word picture, don’t I? ;-)) Those days of utter nonchalance and innocence. Oh! How I wish to go back to them!


The most influential and the happiest parts of my childhood was spent in a place which all the children despise, where the brightest minds get the boost to propel them to their ambitions, School! I was never a good student, but was still adored, not very popular, but always the guy to run to when you want a partner for quiz. 😉 I have to state the obvious, school was the place where memories to last an eternity were created, “best friends forever” was upheld in its truest sense, the “second home” for us.


I wasn’t the teacher’s pet in school, I was the secretly mischievous one, the one who used to swing my fluffy tummy to the latest chartbusters, the one who secretly ate toffees in class, the guy who wanted to be friends with the girl with two ponytails (:P). Those 14 years of education has shaped me what I am (the funny awkward part is totally me, no external agent had any contribution to that). I miss those dreary Mathematics classes in Class X (I sucked at Mathematics), the extra enthusiastic English classes in Class XII, the quiet moral science classes of Class VIII, and the scared Hindi classes from Class V-X. School was the time when our hearts were filled with excitement and hope, and hope is a good thing which probably died the minute I attended my first class in college. College is so not as I expected, but well, disappointments are a part of life.


School was the time when I could come back home to delicious warm food, and sleep in my mom’s lap and tell her about my day, those were the days when I could run to the playground as soon the clock struck 4:30 PM, those were the days when I could munch on something delicious food while watching cartoons in the evening. Those were the times when everything in my life was in perfect balance and happiness was listening to your dad read you a bedtime story. Now that these days are gone, I miss them, but I wish to go back to the “best days of my life”, just one more time.


So, an advice to teenagers who might stumble across this by pure chance, read books and enjoy the karela (Bitter gourd) your mom made, take pride in watching cartoons even you are 15, these golden days might never come back.



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