Say My Name!

This is one of the most used phrases in your life, if you are a fan of “Breaking Bad”, and make everyone else call you “Heisenberg”. But every other time when this doesn’t end with a “You’re Goddamn right”, you are probably reminded of that thing which serves as the edifice for your personality and identity. So, this is going to be that post where I blab about me and spoiler alert: It may get narcissistic.

So, I am “Ankush”.
I was named by my dad.

 So how did he stumble upon this beautiful, yet unusual name?

“Ankush” was a hit movie in the 20th century which starred the common man’s “Angry Man”, Nana Patekar, and it had this beautiful spiritual song which was really nice, the bottomline is I have never seen the movie, and I found out about this incident just a month or two back. So it was the around the mid to late 80’s when this movie came out, and my dad saw this movie 13 times in the theatre itself before and after his Class X examination (For Non Indians, these exams are a pretty big deal), and many more times in the television, and it meant a lot to him because he could relate to the movie. No, it is not taking a very “Namesake”-y turn, and I love my name, even though I just gifted him the book a week back. This stays as one of the few things which helps me connect with my father, the fact that he was once a student who bunked classes to watch movies, and played in those muddy fields and wasn’t the strict dad that I have come to know.

So what does it mean?

I have been told that my name means “to keep things in check or prevent something”.
Believe it or not, it’s just the kind of person I want to be, the preventer or, as the followers of “Hinduism” know it as “The Preserver” Lord Vishnu, the One who we run to whenever there is any reason to feel distress, or someone to prevent something bad from happening.

In this world, where we seek out creators/builders as longingly as the mother of “Karan and Arjun” yearns for her sons, we forget the ones who were behind the limelight pushing you to glory and not hogging all the limelight. Because Team India needs Dravid to be “The Wall” and prevent the wickets from falling down and let Sachin play his natural game which we have come to adore and worship, FC Barcelona needs Sergio Busquets to maintain the tempo and not let the opposition score and let Messi be at his magical best, and the same way the Justice League needs Batman, who is neither supernatural nor, divine but keeps everyone in check.

To put it in a different, yet in an alarmingly similar way “I am the Raita with the overpowering Biriyani” to prevent acidity and excessively poisonous farts. So Ladies, this Valentines Day, indulge in something which you know that you don’t deserve (No human needs a support, except when you are playing DOTA) but so badly need, for I am the one with the crappy end lines. J


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