Just another Rainy Day!

Rains! Almost always brings a feeling of nostalgia and happiness in our mind when we think about it. It’s a sign of utter joy for some, the sign of utter disgust with the overflowing drains and man-holes, and for some a time for some deep contemplation which makes them pen down a few lines on the beauty of the drizzle or the destruction of the torrential downpour.

For me, Rains have always been that one friend on whom you can rely upon,

  • Don’t want to go to school, le super-heavy rain which makes the stereotypical Bengali mom’s fear for the son’s well being and doesn’t let him go to school.
  • Want a little twist in the otherwise mundane game of football, le some puddles to go home with “daag-acche hai” clothes, and a game which was infinitely more exciting than the El-Clasico. 😛
  • Supremely hungry and in want of something spicy and tasty? Le Beautiful “Cats and Dogs rain” and there comes, home-made onion bhajiyas from the world’s greatest cook-my mom (don’t dare to fight me on that! I am fat, I will sit on you. Just kidding, or, am I? 😉 ).
  • The sight of my crush having golgappas (spicy Indian food thingies for the non-Indians) outside of school with an umbrella perched on her shoulder, the raindrops have made her face, a little more beautiful, a little more perfect.
  • On a long drive with parents, sudden drizzle and then, see yourself become a dog and poke your face out of the window to feel the racing pristine drop from the heavens on your adolescent face followed by some yelling by my dad, that I ruined the leather seats of the car, and my mom will be like, “What if you fall sick?”.
  • On a walk with your girlfriend, rain of the lightest magnitude, to give you the sexy wet looking hair (me and sexy, I know 😛 ), after which you sing “Kabhi jo baadal barse” (famous Bollywood song in the rain) in your okayish voice to take the already romantic walk to a different level, altogether.
  • There are many other instances when this section of the water-cycle has brought mirth to me, which includes, sailing of paper boats on the road which goes with the current and into the murky waters of the drain, or dancing in the rain with kids of your colony.

Rain has always been associated with prosperity, and prosperity brings happiness. The farmer which feeds the entire nations needs rain for the proper growth of his crops, a happy farmer equals happy country because food is love. Coming onto love, the Rains have always played a transcendental role in the Bollywood, -be it Nargis Dutt’s & Raj Kapoor’s evergreen “Pyaar Hua Ikraar hua”, the middle age Raveen Tandon with Mr. Khiladi in “Tip tip Barsa Paani”, or the overwhelming love in “Iktaara” from Wake up Sid.

But the rains aren’t always as great as I have made it sound, like Science; it is a boon for some and a curse for the others, too. For some it is the “Mother Nature” rejoicing with you in your happiness, and for some it is a way to hide the tears in a depressing life. The people always complain about the shortage of rains, or the excess of rains which washed away their property. The recent story of Chennai in late 2015, which halted the daily life to a standstill, disrupted the survival of many and brought so many troubles to many is one of the many instances of the vicious nature of the liquid state of precipitation.

I quote a certain writer (name withheld for private reasons), from one of his unfinished works, who states on the two-facedness of Rain,

“It was an unusual day in the second week of June, the silent skies and the dark clouds indicated us of the impending doom. My train was delayed by 2 hours. I figured it would be a good way to cut myself off the vicious circle of technology, switched off my phone and began enjoying the downpour which had just began. It was welcomed with the proverbial open arms by the people of Kolkata; it was one hell of a summer. Sweaty bus rides, sweaty addas in the park, sweaty nights among many other things through which we sweat through.

The platform no. 21 was suddenly filled with a confusion and chaos where people fled towards shelter against this heavy shower. This was the kind of rain where bards compose melancholic songs, poets jot down few lines about the callous attitude of nature and the Government promise better drainage facilities next year.  At a distance a few street urchins were dancing in the rain, their faces so full of joy. But in a distance, there was some man’ whose complete bag had already been drenched, and with it the contents of his bag, how very weird are the creations of God-Joy for some, and, for some the harbinger of problems and trouble.”

And without personifying Rain, as a human who acts and functions like one, with his merits and shortcomings, I would like to say, that “Rain! Rain! Don’t Go away, I want you to come today”.


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