Mi Amigos!

FRIEND! This word evokes more emotions in me than the last scene of Titanic, Shawshank Redemption and Taare Zameen Par, combined. The world is in love with the word, the idea and the sweet, innocent relation that is shared between two individuals. I remember a card I had gotten in fifth grade, in which she (I had a humongous crush on her, and thus, making it even more special, no concept of friendzone back then ;-)) wrote the “supposed” full form of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P., which went like this:

F for Fun, which we share.
R for Remembrance, you never ever forget to remember your friends.
I for Interest, interest in the mundane things of each other’s life.
E for Energy, being the constant source of positive energy and picking you up when you’re down.
N for Nothing, nothing is ever too much.
D for Distance, true friends can never be separated by the physical distance between them.
S for Secrets, being friends has its own perks and you get front door access to the life of your friend.
H for Happiness, the mutual feeling they both share.
I for Inseparable, I am there for you in one word.
P for Perfect, the Friendship which is all so perfect.


So, enough with the decimation and dissection, for me a friend has always been the integral part of my life, he/she has been the one to whom I turn to in my darkest moments, the one who makes me “HOPE”, maybe kick my ass in rounds of CounterStrike or FIFA, the one with whom I can discuss hours about FRIENDS (Sheer Coincidence?!) or Messi’s brilliant strike last weekend or even deep hypothetical super random spiritual shit, the one who makes me smile in the most hopeless situations, the   the one who has your back (Figuratively, incase that was unclear), a person who is more than just a confidante, a guide to steer you away from loneliness and into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (Pun, much?).


Friendship for me, has always been like a ray of sunshine, something integral to my way of life, something I need, but not always appreciated as it should have been. They are the silent guardian, the watchful protectors, THE DARK KNIGHTS in our lives. Friends are the family that we get to choose, the ones who give meanings to “forever and ever”. This is going to be one of those posts which doesn’t have a negative side, because all the friends that I have and had (Sob! Sob!) has been really nice to me always and have been by my side in my conquest for Love (If you don’t know who my love is, read this), and there are only a few “BFF’s” (for the teen culture impaired it means Best Friends Forever). So, we tend to lose some once pretty important friends over the course of our lives.


I have had the luck of having some pretty weird (read: Weird is the side effect of awesome) friends over the period of my short life on the Planet Earth and really short life in the world of reality: the insanely smart one with hyperactive thought process who is also a frenemy turned friend, the similar yet so different friend who is also my “Captain Planet” in need, the ambitious achiever who makes me wonder at his laurels, the goodhearted bachpan ( means “Childhood” in English) ka dost (friend),  the nerd with the emotions of a poet who reads all my posts as soon as it is posted, then that friend who knows me almost as well as my mom, the crush turned friend who taught me that “Guys and girls can be friends” (no comments on this) among many others who have graced my life with their infinite awkwardness and awesomeness.


So I dedicate this post to all of my partners in laughs, mischief’s, through the times when I was thick and now when I am thin (Literally and figuratively). There are many people who love the TV Series friends because of the friendship they share, but you might even envy me, but I have had many Joeys, many Ross’, many Rachel, a few Phoebe’s, handful of Monica’s, no Chandler’s though, because I am him and much more. On this friendship day, if I forget to wish you let this be a reminder to my promise of undying friendship to you guys and a few girls (:P).

Till we meet again, Hasta La Vista.


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