Swimming in Money!

What would you do if you won 10 Million Dollars in Lottery?

Would you buy a team in the IPL and piss it off? Would you donate it to charity for the sake of humanity? Would invest it in Science and Technology? But enough about you.. What would I do if I had this gift from the Lady Fortune?
So, what would I do if I won 10 Million Dollar or 66 Crores, 62 Lacs, 89 Thousand and, 5 Hundred rupees in a Lottery?
Would it like blow my mind, and make me green?

Would I be a changed man or, a delusional kid? Would money make me sour, or will I be the vicious Lord of Underworld, The Next Godfather who doesn’t deal with narcotics? There are so many things waiting to be answered, but let us go over the small changes (they are not really small, I just hope that I still remain this humble and polite if I ever happen to encounter such large amounts of money) when I have this kick-in-your-crotch- fantastic stroke of luck, and have a real experiment to prove if, or not “Money can’t buy you happiness”.

Before I begin, let me show what I would really like to do with those huge amounts of money.

So, on the top of my bucket list would be a trip to Spain/Italy with “Mi Amigos” (not inspired by ZNMD), because in Spain there’s Messi, the other word for divinity on the football pitch. Also Italy, because you have to know the roots of the love of your life, Pizza and also the Champions League final is in San Siro, Milan this year, which would probably take 1.5%-2.5% of my lucky earnings.


Then there has to be a trip to the happiest place on Earth with my Parents because, what’s life without wasting your money on the most over-rated places on Earth so that you can click a selfie with your favorite cartoon since you were a kid who crapped in pants and put it as your Profile Picture in Facebook because why not, you are filthy rich. Also a “Videsh Bhrahman”(Foreign Tour) is the best materialistic gift that you could gift your parents. This would take a maximum of 7%-10% of the total amount, because after the Disney World in Epcot and Disneyland in Anaheim, I would be coming back because, well, I don’t want to see Vegas after tasting a New York Style Pizza (of course), and would send my parents if they want to, to Europe, because they can’t get enough of the Alps, the sophistication and the air of superiority.

If possible I would also like to invest in a personal library which is “The Dream”, the thought of having innumerable amount of books in the comfort of my new bean bag chair with a pizza on the side and nose deep in lives of people I wish to know and interact is either soul-crushing because you don’t have real friends left because they are jealous, or out-of-the-world awesome because you are in the company of the best friends in the world.

Then there has to be that unrealistic dream of having a chain of themed restaurants/cafes, which is really a scarcity in India. I am a huge fan of the popular youth culture and food, so why not intertwine them to make something legen..wait-for-it..dary, LEGENDARY! We can have the frothy and foamy “ButterBeer” from the Land of Hogsmeade (I suppose), the “La Ratatouille” has the aesthetically pleasing Ratatouille just as Anton Ego liked, and as Remy prepared. There may also have the regular coffee shop by the name of “Central Perk” which has a big ass orange couch in the middle where you and your friends can hangout and have the world’s best cheesecake and Joey’s Two Pizza. The Lord of the Rings themed can have Lembas bread, the Nazi themed (Controversial, much?) can have the “Strudel with Cream” from Inglorious Basterds, or the Krabby Patty with the world’s best burger.


Also, it would be inhumane (not really, but because so many people are so freaking judgmental) to not use your money for philanthropic purposes, but I would like to invest my money in the Education Sector, because I believe that proper education can eradicate every evil in the society that prevails at the present time and it will lead to better lives for the billions out there.

The rest, if any, would be invested in low yielding bonds (I just watched “The Big Short”, a few days back, I am neither smart enough to bet against the system, nor as foolish as Midas to be greedy). The Swiss Banks won’t accept a part of 10 million dollars in their banks, nor would I do business with Mosack Fonseca.


My future plans (nothing concrete) would include buying an okayish home (Fancy is way too overrated) for me and my family, a family car which would hold my immediate family and my dogs, also an RV would be really cool for all those trips around the country.

Do you think I would be crazy enough to pull any of these off? Because money changes everything.

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In the end, I sincerely hope that by some sick twist of fate (Not The Monkey’s Paw kind), I really get such amount and make my unimportant wishes come to life. I expect the money to not change me into a complete maniac and eventually, into an outcast. Till the time my weird imagination comes to life, keep daydreaming, keep living. 🙂

So, this was in response to CalmKate‘s Creative Questions, where she posts funny and thoughtful questions which double up as prompts to help you post. She had some amazing questions, but this suited me the best. Post on what you do if you won 10 Million dollars, and let us know. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Swimming in Money!

  1. Well written! Love your wild imagination, generosity and the really cool pictures to go with it all … I lack the tech know how. Much thanks for joining in the fun, you will feature in my review in early May. kate

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish that happens soon.But man!!With all your list ,I hope,may be you can consider adding one more point:Give something to your friends you bitch.

    Liked by 2 people

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