My Tryst With God!


It has been long since I posted anything. I can say that the start of the final year of college has been quite hectic, but when your title has the mention of “GOD”, you shouldn’t lie. So honestly, I have just been plain lazy like always. I have always kept the content of my blog, family friendly but it’s time that kids know the truth, “THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS! IT IS A GIMMICK USED BY YOUR PARENTS TO KEEP YOU FROM TURNING THEM INSANE.” So now that the parents are angry at me, the kids crying I can address the sane people who chose to ignore the little drama and want to see what this young guy has to say.

For me, the idea of The Almighty has always been a little fuzzy. I have spent my childhood singing bhajans in my school riddled with the chanting of Bhagavad Gita and a pinch of mythological stories, here and there. God for us, was that mythical creature who existed in mythological books and the stories of Grandma. We had a certain attraction to some whenever an animated adorable incarnation of the Lord decided it was his time to be on the big screen, small kids found wonder, enjoyment and unadulterated magic from the masters of the universe. But isn’t God so much more?


As a child, God for me was that friend who never left me alone, he was the coolest imaginary friend I had. I always let him in on all of my secrets, and he always had my back. Imagine not having written 30 essays, and coming to class only to pray that hopefully the strictest teacher doesn’t show up and Voila! She doesn’t. If that wasn’t one of the signs of miracle over and over again, I don’t know what is. He was that one friend who rekindled that tiniest bit of hope in my pessimistic mind, and as the onscreen God, Morgan Freeman has taught us “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”, or did Andy Dufresne say it?


So what exactly is religion? I think it is our way of thanking God for creating us, and taking turns to honour his glory and magnanimous SWAG that he has. It probably started as a great thing, but as George Orwell says through his satiric novel “The Animal Farm” that ‘Power corrupts all’ and when a bunch of mere equals suddenly start believing that even though “All are created equal, but some are more equal than others” things get a little messy and the God whom we used to love suddenly becomes the God who we now fear. In a world where poverty and hunger are rampant, why do we offer millions to temples so that the idol gets a throne out of gold or that the corrupt priests feed off of our faith? I may still be a kid, but I am no longer blind.

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To be completely honestly, I don’t think we get the idea of God and fear him as if he/she is “Satan”. Maybe I don’t get him either but as a creator of the world who is the reason behind all the mind-freaking things in life like the internal plumbing of our body, the beauty of the Valley of Flowers, or that heavenly pass from Messi, or Maa ke haath ka  ‘Rajma Chawal’ ( Beans and Rice made by our mothers. For Non-Indians, it is equivalent to your mom’s Apple Pie), or that not so pretty girl who takes your breath away every time you see her should be someone whose mind is so much more evolved than our mortals can merely imagine. God is like love, always patient and kind. It is never jealous of our success in life and doesn’t look for a hefty donation to the church or temple. God takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. The Lord is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. I don’t like think of myself as a non-believer, it is kind of faux Utopian to believe that someone has power over my existence and is looking out for my well-being, someone who knows the white among the 50 shades of Gray.


I had a trippy thought, do the millions of worms in the world have the capacity to comprehend that they live in a world where there are more than 7 billion of us? I think maybe not, so do we live in a world where we are incapable of experiencing the obvious divinity around us? Some wise soul who goes by the name of Tim Urban says that ‘Religion’, for some is a way  to give more meaning to our meaningless and empty lives. Ethan Hawke in “Before Sunrise” says that though the number of people is constantly increasing, but do the numbers of souls increase? Are we just fragments of the original soul and are thus so so scattered and discontented with life. Religion gives us direction to our meaningless lives, a way to make us feel that our everyday life has some deeper meaning, or that we force ourselves to believe.

Hinduism is a versatile religion, our Gods are mischievous, naughty, Cassanova, loyal, street-smart, righteous, and what not. We have no one one definition of Perfection- we adore the pesky Krishna, obedient Ganesha, angry Shiva, the loyal Hanuman or ideal Lord Ram. Our Gods are as versatile as we are, we can relate to everyone. It is like we have millions of Gods for the millions of people, you are bound to find someone you can relate to.


But the biggest concern regarding religion is that, do we need God fearing people an external mean to try and give shape to morality? Are atheists or agnostics not the most morally correct people, don’t terrorists create terror in the name of God? So maybe, our definition of God, needs a change. The Lord is our friend, our saviour, he is not the one to demand milk or flowers to feed our shallow ego. I don’t think Lord Shiva minds if we consume non-vegetarian food on Monday. His idea of penance and devotion isn’t something to put us into deep trouble like the High Sept of Baelor. God is neither very strict nor very demanding.  He is present not only in the silent churches, the marble idols,  but in the call for azaan, the dong of the bell, he is without form he lies in his creations, so maybe there is a little bit of divinity in everything.


P.S.- I am sorry if I have offended anyone, and you can comment down anything you want to discuss on.


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