Envy is termed as an evil word, but then again when it is one of the seven deadly sins you can’t help but associate it with evil, but I think being envious enables us to beat our competition. As is sloth, giving us the much needed rest after a day’s tiring work or greed which […]

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Fire in The Hole….

Walking in the desert with a parched throat, I could feel the dust and wind in my fingertips. My body was starting to give up, As I saw a mirage at a distance. I could visualise the overpass from my last train journey, I could picture the cobblestone steps from the old forts of Jaipur. I could […]

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My Tryst With God!

Hello, It has been long since I posted anything. I can say that the start of the final year of college has been quite hectic, but when your title has the mention of “GOD”, you shouldn’t lie. So honestly, I have just been plain lazy like always. I have always kept the content of my blog, […]

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The Last Day of My life!

There are moments when you contemplate about the things that the future holds, the life of a successful man who the society respects and adores, or the one who is subjected to dejection, depression and eventually dusted. But life is uncertain, and as Raghu from TVF Rowdies says, “Death and the need to shit can […]

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Just another Rainy Day!

Rains! Almost always brings a feeling of nostalgia and happiness in our mind when we think about it. It’s a sign of utter joy for some, the sign of utter disgust with the overflowing drains and man-holes, and for some a time for some deep contemplation which makes them pen down a few lines on […]

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