Fire in The Hole….

Walking in the desert with a parched throat,
I could feel the dust and wind in my fingertips.

My body was starting to give up,
As I saw a mirage at a distance.

I could visualise the overpass from my last train journey,
I could picture the cobblestone steps from the old forts of Jaipur.

I could suddenly see myself working in an office,
I could imagine me vacationing in Italy.


When you come to terms with the reality,
The cache of deep hurt and feelings explodes.

It feels like you have been nuked,
I felt as if I was burning in the inferno of my own mind.

Dark thoughts loomed over my mind,
It was all very steamy and chaotic.

But, then I realised that life wasn’t a match of death,
It was competitive yet casual at the same time.


Thus, the right shift of pressure in the valve,
I will always be the Master Guardian that I am supposed to be.

This is one of my first attempts at free-verse poetry which is dedicated to my favourite game, CounterStrike: Global Offensive which has taught me a thing or two, about life. Please drop in with your kind comments and not-so-harsh criticism.


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