Spirit in my Closet!

There is no spirit in my closet.
I am an engineering student, we don’t have closets for our clothes, we have chairs on which everything piles on until we have nothing proper to wear and then our clothes seek solace in the cold, unfulfilling floor which is dustier than the abandoned roads of Syria.

I had a stunning Piku-esque (A movie about an old man and his daughter travelling 1400 km in a car while the old man had constipation troubles) travel home after my examination. My pockets were full of Mango-bites(A mango flavoured candy which makes everyone nostalgic), my mind full of plans and my heart full of hope. Our journey started from Bhubaneshwar (Capital of state Odisha, India) and while we had about 300 km of the journey to do, I had almost every kind of snack in my backpack which could last a week for others, but my ever-increasing appetite needed to be satiated at regular intervals of 5 minutes.


While we passed the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet countrysides which had farms and plains as far as my eyes could, I could feel a liking towards all these places where the modern architecture is yet to strike. There was something in the mud-thatched roofs, in the herd of the cattle, the crisp sharpness in the wind which spoke to me. So, into the point I want to  make in this post, as I was breezing through the beautiful scenery that my eyes feasted on. There was a certain laid-back ease with which reached out to me in a hauntingly beautiful way, it felt as if it spoke to me, it felt human-like, it felt as if it had a soul. So, we human beings are capable of developing emotional attachments to any mundane objects around us, which starts from the binky when we are infants like our teddy bears, which goes on to our mobile phones, our beds, or even our favourite towel or maybe even our favourite movies/shows (Ya, I know how much you love F.R.I.E.N.D.S).

We feel connected to anything that we can relate to, sometimes the silence of our lifeless teddy-bears speak so much, that episode of Modern Family which reminded of your family, or that quilt that your deceased grandmother had made you . In this world where we are being constantly attacked by the bits and bytes of the unruly technological battle, it feels like we need to feel human again. Sometimes, certain objects (may, or may not be man-made) strike just the right string in our heart which creates a beautiful symphony and that reverberates with our mind and within. Certain creations are so spectacular, we visualise that there is a person in itself which makes us feel whatever we feel, a feeling so divine that we couldn’t help but get drenched by the essence of its soul.

Artists, writers and maybe even doctors or engineers (The real determined ones) put a fragment of themselves in every beautiful work , or as Harry Potter fans might know as Horcruxes. Horcruxes need not be the dark piece of magic that we have come to know and realise, maybe the exceptional pieces of literary or performing hearts really does have a bit of soul in it which enthrals the audience. Sometimes it makes you falls, it surrounds you in its captive hands, the aroma of luscious intent is around and maybe sometimes you are overwhelmed, because when souls meet, a resonance is created which creates a whirlwind inside.

So I ask everyone who reads this, immerse yourself in the ocean of souls, savour the fleeting moments that life has to offer because at the end of the day we need to feel human again.


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