New Year, New Me Bullshit


This is the time of joy; the season of holidays, warm coffee and cracked dry skin. So this being a time of leisure, it forces us into some deep contemplation and as “An idle mind is a Devil’s workshop” it results in some bullshit consequences which we inflict upon us and the society. So the last week of the year is usually the time for some to make some amendments in their life, devote some time to personal development and plan some weird things to do to mark the end of the year.

So like countless other beings, I was naive and had made a new year resolution which I had promised myself to keep for the rest of 2016 but which lasted for about 10 days (It’s a lot considering my standards) which was to write in my diary every day. I had hoped that one day when people would want to know about the process it takes to be a great man, this diary would be instrumental in that process. But since I am a night person so most of the things worth mentioning happen at night and also because I am lazier than sloth, it couldn’t come to bear the beautiful fruit which could have gone to become the forbidden fruit and make huge waves in the world of fiction, mythology and history. But my Dear Diary, stayed pretty blank and so human evolution will have to wait for a while longer.


So the point of resolutions being small steps in our lives to improve ourselves and eventually, our meaningless lives (I get happiness from inflicting sadness to others). But why do we wait for the complete revolution of the Earth around the Sun to make the necessary changes in our life? Why wait for some guilt fed alcohol to start caring about your health? Why wait for the unnecessary comical gyrating dance between strangers to make some advances towards your own venture that you always wanted? Change is inevitable and if it is towards the positive, why wait? Do it now. (That is the extent of my motivational expertise)

Now that it is the end of the year, the normal human being known as extroverts or as I know them, Agents of Chaos who plan to spend the last day of their holiday gyrating between strangers and drinking more liquor than they can hold. So I know that most of you are planning on spending their night with their loved ones and the new year on a lovely picnic to enjoy the crisp winter breeze, the soothing rays of the sun and the decadent food which is as diverse as the India’s history. Here I am, deciding on which book to start reading, which series to watch and updating my dream loadout in CS:GO which is much more enjoyable than what AOC (Agents of Chaos) make it out to be.


So not to be that “judgemental” guy and be the free-thinking youngster who tolerates opposing views, feel free to do whatever you feel like and hope you have a crappy 2017. 🙂



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