The Last Day of My life!

There are moments when you contemplate about the things that the future holds, the life of a successful man who the society respects and adores, or the one who is subjected to dejection, depression and eventually dusted. But life is uncertain, and as Raghu from TVF Rowdies says, “Death and the need to shit can come to anyone, anywhere” it is better to have a list ready incase I am one of those elite human beings in the near future to know when the impending “Armageddon” is supposed to spell the doom for the entire humankind.

I am going to write how my last 24 hours on Earth would look like, incase I die a young chap, maybe really close to the present, and in the near future (God Forbid!). Because I already know how I am going to die in my old age, the usual-stereotypical way of dying while sky diving with my still appealing wife in Spain  (I am going to be a fun old man, for sure). So ladies and gentleman, incase you are interested in knowing what a totally weird and wacky guy would do, in the last 24 hours of his life, kindly read on this clichéd post.


Assuming that only I die, and I am intimated by the “Yamraj’s” (Hindu God of Death) minions through a simple text message on my phone (Sounds like total bullcrap Chetan Bhagat magical realism stunt, doesn’t it?). On the last day of my life, I would probably only do stuff that I like, so no classes, no calculus, and obviously no bathing. So here it goes..

  • My day will start with the view of the bloody awesome sunrise because, believe it or not, it is the most beautiful thing you can see on Earth.
  • Mornings are brilliant time for some quite thought and deep contemplation, so maybe I will conjure some pseudo-intellectual plus philosophical stuff for this blog, and I hope to have loads of likes and comments on the post. (Still desperate!)
  • I don’t want to die out of hunger which I have felt I would so many times while I have been in hostel, so probably have some food by mom with extra dollops of love, and probably make her some of my extra special grilled cheese sandwich.
  • After that, lie down in my bed with dad and have a conversation about the silliest and mundane things about life, because nobody knows my crazy side as well as my father does. Probably give him a back massage, too, because he thinks I have magic fingers.
  • Then, maybe I would call my Grandparents up, and just listen to whatever they have to say because they like it when their Grandson calls them up.
  • Write letters to the important persons in my life, so that they would get all choked up and teary eyed when they receive this, but they will have something to remember me by.
  • Visit my school, if possible, because as Bryan Adams would so soulfully sing “Those were the best days of my life”.
  • Food is to be eaten more than once a day and at least 4 times a day, as my mom says. So the next item is to be fed by my mom for lunch while behaving like a five year old kid, which is a bland yet extremely nutritious vegetable curry with rice, and a tiny bit of lime juice.
  • Then I will probably call everyone in my contact list to see how they have been, and in a subtle way thank them for being a part of my life, and yes, that counts me calling those 4 pizza places from where I order pizza. 😛
  • The early evening will be my last try at playing the beautiful game with my best friends, and later let those S.O.B’s know how much I have loved being a part of their life, and then go back and make a big batch of Maggi, for me and my whole family and play some indoor games just like we used to in the olden times.
  • Then read the last few pages of “The Thousand Splendid Suns”, the last time and probably shed a few tears which will probably restore my faith in humanity. (No Spoilers! Like a Boss.)
  • Call my best friends up for the one last time, and spend a maximum of ten minutes with each of them, and hoping they understand because there is a time constraint.
  • Deactivate all my online accounts except WordPress and Quora, because those are the only ones which have given me the best moments in my virtual life. All the others are deleted because I don’t want to be rude to anyone in Facebook by not replying to them, after I die.
  • Go out, and have a walk just by my lonesome in the infinite abyss of the desolate night and maybe Thank God for the life he has gifted me with.
  • Dinner is Pizza, obviously because “Pizza is love”. 😛 There would also be a debate on how Paneer Pizza is better than Chicken Pizza during the dinner time.
  • Then the remaining few hours will be spent looking at old photo albums with mom, after my dad goes to sleep as soon as he lies down, and giggle and laugh at all the shirtless photos they have of mine with my muscles and abs showing from when I was young. I would also browse through the cards I have received during my time at school, from friends and crushes which are very dear to me.
  • And I wish those last few minutes of my life is spent while my mom recites mine and hers favourite poems by Gurudev Tagore, while my head is resting on her lap, because when I am in her lap, it feels like if there’s heaven on Earth, it’s where I am.

Yeah, I know that it was completely selfish in my last day and ensuring that many people turn up for my funeral, but there are times when you haven’t been much expressive, and even if it’s your last day on Earth, it is never too late. And having lived a not so significant life, I wouldn’t expect you to remember me forever, but please remember me whenever you are having Pizza, reading my blog, watching Breaking Bad, or seeing Messi at his absolute best. And just so I remain part of the conversation for a few days, my last words would be, “Rosebud”.


How do you want your last day on Earth to be? I would like to know.

Please drop in with comments and criticism.


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